I’m growing tired of hearing people whine about how fast the year goes by, or how fast the years go by.  Time doesn’t fly–we just suck at taking advantage of it and enjoying what time we actually have.  This week alone, I have had about ten people complain about how fast 2012 is going.  “I can’t believe it’s Memorial Day already”, they shout from the rooftops.  People complain about what day it is on the calendar like they do the weather.  For convenience sake, we should combine the two complaints together–it would give us twice as much to talk about (or text).  “It’s so unbelievably hot AND I can’t believe it’s already June first!!”

Today is May 24, 2012.  The year is officially 40% over as of right now.  There is still 10% of the FIRST half of the year to go and people are already worried about how fast 2012 has gone.  Where were you on New Years Eve?  Doesn’t it feel like a long time ago?  Valentine’s Day?  Did you make cookies or get flowers?  I honestly can’t remember.  We still have 38 days to go before the first half of 2012 is complete.  Then we still have the second half to enjoy.  Why not make the most of the next 38 days?  Why not enjoy the remainder of the first half of 2012, instead of complaining about how fast it goes.

So, we suck at marking time and sucking the marrow out of life.  Our lives are so busy and filled with comings and goings we can hardly see straight.  We are incredible at talking about our feelings on Facebook and Twitter.  We are superior beings when it comes to making sure our entire friends list knows we are at this pub at this time on this date.  But when it comes to the important things, we fall prey to lame generalizations like, “The weather is lousy”, or “I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by”.  Maybe people will never change in that regard.  Maybe we have just become way to preoccupied for our own good, and allow ourselves to miss out on the day-to-day pleasure of life.

One last thing.  I hate to break it to you, but life IS indeed short.  A month goes by so fast because it’s only 30 (give or take) days long.  And there are only 12 of those in a single calendar year.  So, in a sense those of you time pessimists out there are right.  It does go by so quickly.  It does because a lifetime IS indeed technically a short period of time.  Do you think our elders were kidding when they told us this?  Those who have passed on and have crossed over tell me this everyday–time is not the enemy in our lives.  We are our own enemy when it comes to time.  Life is short.  Get over it and start enjoying it.  Because soon, in the physical sense, you will be plant food.

My hope is that all of us start enjoying the present, consider the future and stop worrying about the past.  Think more of your fellow humans.  Enjoy them and enjoy good conversation for a change.  Put your cell phone away for a bit and take time to enjoy May 24, 2012 and every day after.  And please, if you see me on the street–don’t cry about it almost being Christmas again.  The commercials start earlier every year and we fall for it.  It makes it seem like the year is slipping away.  In reality–it’s just us being…us.


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