Do it.

So, you are a parent.  What is the best gift you can give your kids?  I’ll tell you.  Learn how to help them if they choke.

I am reminded all the time about the importance of being able to aid children if they are faced with a situation where they are choking and cannot breathe.  Tonight, a friend of mine was able to save her infant child because she knew what to do.

You plan for parenthood.  You buy the crib, get the finest diapers and plenty of A and D.  (A and D by the way is awesome.  I love it).  You do everything you should do except one thing–you don’t prepare for the worst possible thing–your child choking.  You don’t even have to go to a class in this day in age!   You can learn enough on You Tube to get the job done.  Just an hour or two of preparation can save your child’s life.

The Red Cross offers classes on CPR and choking.  Prices average around a hundred dollars for a 3-4 hour course.  One day.  A hundred bucks for some awesome peace of mind.  It’s the best insurance policy you will ever buy.  I remember Halloween 2010.  After trick-or-treating, my daughter was eating a roast beef dinner when she started to choke.  Everyone in the room panicked but me.  I knew what to do.  I was scared out of my mind, but I knew what to do.  She coughed it out, but I decided that day that I would become the most prepared father on earth.  I’d walk through fire for my kids–the least I could do is become an expert on what to do when they are choking.

If you think you are too cool, think again.  You will feel much better when you have the capacity to save a life–especially that of your own kid.  Tonight was a perfect reminder for me.  Not knowing what to do can be a life-changing experience you won’t be able to live down.  Learn what to do when your child is choking.

Do it.


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