Pass the mustard.

It seems to me that it’s trendy now to cook with weird grains like Quinoa and Black Rice.  Grains seem to be taking over along with fresh herbs and heirloom tomatoes.  Healthy, fun, flavorful salads and sides are all the rage.  I like it.  Eating healthy makes me feel all gooey inside—like I am doing something positive and will get rewarded, when my time on earth ends, at the pearly gates.

Seriously though, vegetable shopping at the green house this year was a blast.  I have never seen so many specialty herbs and types of tomatoes.  Hot peppers are in-style too—I mean hot-mofo peppers that could peel the paint off the side of a barn.  I know hot peppers have always been trendy, but the latest “heat-o-meter”, with newly discovered peppers from India and Trinidad is what has people chatting away. 

I guess it excites me because food has this incredible power of bringing people together.  Think back to some of the greatest family moments you have had and I bet it involved some kind of meal.  (If it didn’t, you are lame and should stop reading now.)   Lately, I am getting into brunch and fancy dishes and cruets and crocks and glasses…it’s all so hip and lovely.  It’s so much fun to create new things like jalapeno tabbouleh or a guacamole that you eat so much of it makes you sick.  I love sharing these creations with my family over dinner.  It makes for great times, when we can all put down our god-damned cell phones and actually communicate.

I wonder—what sort of things are you into these days when it comes to cooking?  Grilling and charring things seems to be in-style—have you been doing that?  Do you fondue?  What makes you tick when it comes to food.  If you don’t cook, or refuse to try, you are really missing out on something great.  Not only is it wonderful therapy, but it gets your creative juices flowing.  There are no rules in my kitchen, except that I have fun and keep things relatively clean.  I’d love to hear from you on things you like to do in the kitchen.

Forget fast food and take out.  Take some time to relish in cooking.  And for those of you (like me), who cook for one most of the time—don’t listen to the nay-sayers!  You CAN cook for one.  I can’t stand it when people say it’s silly, or not possible.  Make tonight a special food night and surprise yourself.  It’s all about sucking the marrow out of life, isn’t it?

PS: I still hate asparagus, and always will.


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