Cooked sushi, green tea and my kid’s red wagon.

I love going to the grocery store.  Especially Kroger, or a world market-type place like the Andersons.  Lot’s of fun, always nice and chilly inside, which keeps me alert and it’s always fun to squeeze a good melon or two.  I have this weakness though when I shop and each time it happens (when I shop), I swear I will never do it again.  I pass by the sushi counter and grab what looks like a good lunch, or a great snack.  Eating cooked sushi is like taking a 5-iron and whacking yourself on the head about 6 times.  It’s just not a good idea.  Note to self: Just because sushi is in front of your face, doesn’t make it right.  Side note: I haven’t golfed in three years and can’t find my 5-iron.

Here is my take on green tea.  I have read (and heard) of the amazing benefits one can receive by drinking it.  Maybe it’s the antioxidants?  Maybe it has a special blend of herbs that rejuvenates your cells and can bring you longer life.  And of course, anything is better than drinking a pop or a beer, right?  here’s my problem with green tea.  It sucks.  Green tea tastes like Llama urine and cilantro.  I’d rather drink pool water than a cup or a glass of green tea.  I’ve decided I am fine with living a few years less–green tea is just vile.  How’s that for over-dramatic?

When I was a kid, I had a red wagon.  Most kids can say that.  My red wagon was typical of any red wagon back in the mid seventies.  It was covered with lead-based paint, rusted like the tin man if you left it in the rain just once, and squeaked when you tried to make a left or a right turn.  We had no seat belts in our wagons, or fancy wall extensions.  If you didn’t keep your ass on the bottom, you fell out and suffered the consequences.  My kids have a red wagon that is the equivalent of a Winnebago on crack.  Made of plastic, not steel and lead-based paint, this thing has pull up seat-backs, 4 drink cup holders and adjustable seat belts.  The only thing missing is a Wi-fi connection and a Starbucks.

Kids today.  Maybe I will surprise them with a nice bottle of diet green iced-tea in their cup holders.  No pain, no gain.



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