Satellite radio, pampers and my struggle with cilantro.

Happy Memorial Day.  I would be remiss if I didn’t wish all of our Veterans the very best and to send them my prayers and gratitude.

XM radio is one of the coolest things ever.  You kids today can have your ipads and apps and all that jazz–I’ll take my satellite radio.  I can listen to Big Band music (40’s on 4 is awesome), and catch up on the latest news on NPR and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I love it.  Love.  Old time radio shows, politics, and every kind of music under the sun.  You can even catch up on Canada as I found out today.  Glorious.  I haven’t used the word “glorious” in a long time.  (Maybe ever.)

How many diapers go into the trash each day in America?  I wondered this as I changed my son Brantley for the second time in 15 minutes today.  Note to self: Feed your child watermelon and he will shit.  A lot.  I also wondered how much is spent per day on diapers and wipes.  It has to be astronomical.  It has to be a daily amount that eclipses most businesses.  Who invented the disposable diaper?  Are they as rich as I think they would HAVE to be?  What did caveman children do for diapers?  If the Neanderthal people had A and D ointment, would they have survived and be a flourishing race in America?  All of these questions entered my mind while changing 2 diapers in 15 minutes.  My mind needs rest…

Finally, I have this issue with the herb, cilantro.  Most people love it.  I don’t.  I think it’s too strong and overtakes the flavor of any salad or meal you add it to.  My mom however makes this corn and black bean salad with cilantro that I just can’t stop eating.  I ate enough of it for six people yesterday.  I just LOVE the cilantro flavor in it too.  I just can’t shake this love-hate thing I have with cilantro.  I hate it, but I have two plants going right now in my garden.  What about herbs I love, you ask?  Oregano?  Eight plants.  Mint?  Five.  My name is Craig and I am an herbaholic.  Is it bad that I allow a single herb to drive me crazy?  Why can’t I just relegate cilantro to second-class status like I do rosemary?

There has to be a satellite channel devoted to herb-related issues…..


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