There are moments–even when you vomit.

I received my father’s day gift a week early and I have to say, it was the best one I will ever get.  My kids should just stop there and never buy me another thing.  Two year old Brantley grabbing at my card and six-year old Kathryn reading it out loud to me.  There are moments in life you never forget.  When your child reads your card to you for the first time, it makes you swell with pride.  The moment is lost on my kids…at least for now.  They might be parents someday and when that moment happens for them, they will know why I had tears in my eyes.

Every day is Father’s Day for me.  I don’t need a special day on the calendar.  Each moment I have with my children is one I embrace.  As you get older, special moments become important.  More important than what kind of car I drive, or what kind of job I have.  Sometimes you just have to chalk those things up to circumstance and just let the world take you where it wants.  Moments though, can happen at any time.

It doesn’t matter if you are fat or skinny, rich or poor–the mental camera inside your mind captures special moments and plays it back for years to come.  In future years, when I open packages with ties and ceramic ash trays, I will always remember Father’s Day 2012.  I am convinced that one of the true meanings of life is to be able to catch these moments when they happen and realize how lucky you are.

I suppose the lesson in this post is to just allow life to unfold and enjoy what is important.  My children are loved so much, it hurts.  That is the best gift I can ever give them.  In return, I get to watch them grow and make moments for me to remember for the rest of my days.  Don’t wait for the calendar to tell you it’s a special day.  There are moments out there for you to enjoy every day of the year.

Shortly after the precious moment, my son got sick and hurled projectile vomit all over me and the carpet.  I’m not going to lie–that sucked.  With a look of fear in his eyes, he immediately cried “dada” and hugged me as tight as he possibly could.  Even projectile vomit doesn’t suck for very long.  

There are moments everywhere. 



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