Is that a dangling participle in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

Sitting at the table, my dinner looked simply fantastic.  (Ok, we got the dangler out of the way, now for the good stuff…)

My daughter looked at me this morning when she woke up and said, “I don’t think  can ever say I love you enough, daddy.”

My daughter is six.  When I was six, I think I was trying to figure out how fast I had to eat Fruit Loops before they got soggy.  Apparently, my daughter is more refined.  At any rate, chalk up another memory I will have forever.  Kids say the most incredible things. 

The second comment made by my six-year-old this weekend.  “Apparently, you didn’t shave good enough yesterday because you are already scruffy again.”

Two years ago, hell, not even that, she called my “scruff”, fur.  It appears as if I need to start saving for her first car NOW, because the time is just a flyin’ by…

I was stuck in traffic on the highway today for a good half hour.  When the cars finally did start to move, there was nothing.  No construction, no sign of an accident….absolutely nothing.  So, my mind started to wonder why in the hell the cars were stopped to begin with.  Here is what I decided.  While driving, two cars in the “front of the pack”, suddenly decided to stop in the middle of the highway.  They put their cars in park and decided to just sit there for a half-hour while traffic piled up for miles.  Then, when they had their fix, the drivers started their cars up again, and traffic started moving.  Either that, or Daisy Duke hopped out of the General Lee and cause a twenty car pile up because she is so hot.  Not the original Daisy Duke either.  I am talking the Jessica Simpson, Daisy Duke.  Those are the only two logical explanations I can come up with.

I suppose the final thing I have for you tonight is that I lit a pumpkin-scented candle when I got home and as a result, felt a little guilty.  Why?  It’s not a summer scent.  We are supposed to light scents that make you feel like you are on the beach or snorting Tide powder in June.  I don’t care.  Pumpkin smell makes me feel like I am watching college football, eating chili and carving pumpkins.  When I am doing that, I am happy.  So, you can keep your freshly cut grass and clean cotton candles–I’ll stick with what I know–pumpkin spice, with my daughter in the background wondering if she will ever be able to express how much she loves me enough. 

Oh how I wish I had that on tape–I’d play it for her just before she introduces me to her first boyfriend with the tattoos and the long hair.  I’ll have to keep that in mind 🙂



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