It’s What Big Sisters Do.


Your little brother was too scared to walk the wall by himself yesterday.

You grabbed his hand and away you both went.

At the moment of this picture, he was giggling loudly.

You yelled, “This is what big sisters do.”

It was as if God took the picture, at this precise moment, for me.

I don’t know where either of you will be 20 years from now.

Or if I will be around.

I hope you both look at this picture every day for the rest of your lives.

And never forget.Β  Because I never will.Β  Ever.


13 thoughts on “It’s What Big Sisters Do.

  1. An absolutely beautiful and happy post,thank you for posting it. I hope your children grow into happy adults filled with love,good health,happiness and wisdom. I am an only child but always wished I had an older brother to look out for me,I guess I have had male friends in the past similar to what a bother would be like.

    • Thank you! I love capturing moments like these. As long as I live, my kids will always know the importance of such moments. After that, it’s up to them to continue the tradition! Have a super day!

  2. WOW! What a memorable picture and thought. I hope for you and your children that you always have such a harmonious relationship. Unfortunately, it is typical that when children reach their mid teens they become far too busy to have any time for adults in general and parents in particular. Probably that is how it should be. Like young birds, they need to develop their wings so they can go far in life.

    • Thanks, Jim. What you posted prompted my post last night. To see a picture like that and know the memory behind it makes me, as a father, want to work so hard to instill how much my two kids meant to each other as children. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. I agree with AuthorJim that these pictures capture something beautiful, and we take them precisely for the reason that these moments do not last. And, yes, children have those ‘difficult’ years as adolescents and even young adults, but it is the recording of just such simple pleasures as holding a sibling’s hand that bring them back with a smile and a nod and a stirring in their hearts.

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