That’s not a panini. It’s an English Muffin with ham in it.

I woke up this morning a bit disappointed in my last post, which is now erased for lack of decent content. When I get on a roll, I often forget the “quality vs quantity” thing. At any rate, if you did take time to read that post last night, I appreciate it.

Here are some things floating around in my head today. Feel free to drop me a comment or two and chime in. I love hearing different perspectives.

1. The NRA needs to shut the hell up. Seriously. Ok, I get it. You like guns and our rights. Thank you. Now shut up. Have your conventions and hoot and holla all you want. This is not the appropriate time to be chirping your rhetoric on the news and Internet. Just shut up. My that felt good.

2. PS: People who cite the Bill of Rights for anything need a good enema and a dose of reality.

3. I have no earthly clue why I just went postal on the NRA.

4. I miss the word “postal”. I think that was an 80’s word. I miss the word “shazam” too. I try to creep that word into conversations, hoping it will catch on and go viral, but no luck.

5. Speaking of postal, the US Postal Service is raising prices again and whining because they aren’t making any money. Here’s an idea. Shut up. Fund it better, cancel Saturday mail and encourage people who work there to act human and smile once in awhile. When I am paying $45.98 for a 2 oz. package going three counties over, I at least want Joe behind the counter to smile and say thank you. It lessens the blow. And no…I don’t want stamps today.

6. I think it’s important to stay as positive as you can. (laughing).

If you have something you’d like to get off your chest, list it below. Let’s hear from you. My goal is to build this blog into a cultural phenomenon. Ok, not really. But if you join in, it will make me happy. I hope each of you has an amazing day.



6 thoughts on “That’s not a panini. It’s an English Muffin with ham in it.

  1. Maybe if the NRA went to the fresh crime scene, before anyone else could change the sight of the carnage, then spend the next week with the families 24/7, they would have a different outlook on the matter???

    Forget the Post Office….and why can’t we use our cell phones in the long waiting line?? Is it the noise of our conversation? So I can’t talk to people in line with me????

  2. I keep some ‘right wing’ militant friends on my facebook friends list, not because I agree with a single thing they say (I DON’T), but because I’m keeping an eye on what they’re up to. I’m not sure if it is better knowing or knowing such things–scary either way. Thanks for having the courage to ‘write out loud’ about things the rest of us are afraid to say. And yes, I miss some of those old terms like ‘going postal’ too… my kids just look at me and sigh if I dust them off and use them in regular conversation.

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