Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

There is nothing better than sitting back on a cold, wintry day and listening to Big Band music.  I am an avid listener and have always loved its calming effect.  That was a great era of music.  I often close my eyes and just think back to that time and what it must have been like to live through it.  Families struggled economically, they were torn apart by war and everybody had to do their part to conserve, build and defend.  

Through it all, they managed to live simple lives with simple pleasures.  Love meant something back then and so did communication.  It’s all they had really.  People had letters, telegrams and their voice.  Sometimes I wonder if it was better back then, despite the war and working certain jobs out of necessity–not because you loved your work.  

I have an ID card on my desk at work which belonged to my Great-grandfather when he worked at the docks in Toledo, Ohio.  Although I never knew him, I can bet the farm he hated that job but was eternally grateful that he had one for his family.  It was a difficult time back then.  The Depression hit families hard.  I remember listening to stories my Grandfather told about receiving free food and other handouts–and recalling how low he felt taking them.  I keep that ID card on my desk to remind me that we don’t always get to do what we want in life–especially in terms of a job.  Sometimes, circumstances force us to change gears and call an audible.  I look at the ID card every day at work and remember the sacrifices my ancestors made for their family.  It motivates me to try harder for mine.

If you haven’t given Big Band music a try, please do.  It’s wonderful.  I listen to my XM radio (40’s on 4) all day long at work.  I get a kick out of it when older customers stop in and can’t believe a young sprout like me listens to such music.  That’s funny to me, because I’m 41 and hardly a sprout anymore.  And, you can be any age and appreciate great music.  

Music makes us remember, appreciate, laugh and cry.  It makes our minds wander and dream.  And to that, I say, Amen.

be well.


8 thoughts on “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

  1. I have not heard of Big Band, I will check it out..Thank you for the tip. I love music, I am and will always be a Metallica fan. I grew up with them, but I also like a lot of other kinds of music. Techno and rap is really only thing I do not really care for.
    It keeps us humble to remember that a lot of people struggled to get us here today. Peace out!!

      • Nothing else matters!! But ya I’v been know to have a hell of a neck ache over Enter Sandman!! Last summer we were trying to get my 11 year old to understand her surroundings, We camp all summer long and soon i will have to let her out after dark so we spent last summer, working on her about where she is and how would she get home if she had to. We were in the middle of the woods hanging out, we had a golf cart playing music, my man and I decided we would take off and see what she does, as we ran behind trees Am I Evil came on. We laugh so hard, she was screaming , we were only 50 yards from her, behind trees and laughing to Am I Evil….Good times!! I just want her to know if she finds herself in a situation she does not like she can get up and leave.

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