And the forests will echo with laughter.

There’s no better sound than the laughter of a child. 

A few months ago, my kids were spending the weekend with me and we were sitting around the Princess card table eating pizza.  My daughter looked at me and asked if I would go to the bedroom and get her the remote control car.

I asked her why.  She wouldn’t answer.  She looked at my 2 yr old son and he looked back at her.  Nothing.  They were both stone-faced.

“Please just go get the car, daddy.”

I got up and walked to the bedroom and reached down to pick it up.

The car moved before I could grab it.  I tried again.  Same thing.

At the table, my kids were laughing hysterically.  Their father had been the victim of a well-thought out practical joke.  I looked over and saw the control, held by my daughter, under the table.

This is why we live.  This is why we parent–for moments like this that you simply cannot script. 

I wasn’t going to blog tonight, but I ran across that car while prepping my house for their arrival tomorrow.  Lately, I’ve been packing away toys my kids no longer play with.  This little 5 dollar piece of plastic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s to the laughter of children and what I hope is a lifetime of well-coordinated practical jokes between the three of us.

Be well.


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