Call it sad, call it funny but it’s better than even money.

“I have walked out in rain–and back in rain…” –Robert Frost

Quote of the day: “Drought my ass!” This is compliments of a customer of mine, who like me has been watching it pour for the last 18 hours. It’s incredible how it can be nearly 60 degrees on January 29th in Michigan. Well, actually I shouldn’t be surprised–Antarctica and Greenland are half gone. (Don’t tell Congress.)

Superbowl Sunday is coming up which brings me to today’s topic. The TV Commercials. There was a time when they were awesome and probably the highlight of the game. I remember Spuds MacKenzie, The Bud Bowl, Budweiser’s “WhaaaaaaatsssssAhhhhhhhp” and all the hilarious Fed Ex Commercials. The novelty was there and the commercials truly were a thing of art–quickly making their way into the American fabric by Monday morning.

Now though–I just don’t get as excited about Super Bowl Ad’s. Watching Justin Timberlake and Elton John drink a Pepsi, or Snooki doing tax forms for H and R Block just doesn’t do it for me. Actually, the last few years have been horrific for SB commercials. Let’s hope this year is different. That and, let’s hope Go Daddy spends a TON on Danica Patrick commercials again.

DO you watch the Super Bowl? If so…are you into the commercials? Do tell!

16. That is the number of times I have passed a jar of Nutella at the grocery and paused, momentarily, before walking away resisting the temptation. I just can’t get myself to do it. I hear good things. It’s endorsed by my daughter and half her first grade class…I just can’t get myself to buy a jar of Nutella or anything with the word marmalade on it.

Last but not least for now…my 2013 “recycling like a mofo” project is proceeding wonderfully. I have always recycled, but this year I am taking it to a whole new level. I’m not a Greenpeace freak who tries to fit all my garbage in a coffee can for the year. Anything plastic, aluminum or paper gets recycled…period. And that is a ton of trash. Do you recycle? Is there anything that prevents you from doing more? Does your city still make you separate items or can you toss them all in one container?

Today is an audience participation day, my friends. Bring me your best comments and I will shower you with love and gifts. Or just love. Yes, probably just love because I am short on cash. Not like, stalking love. Friendly love that makes you smile. I forgot what I was talking about….


16 thoughts on “Call it sad, call it funny but it’s better than even money.

  1. I like the commercials that go for humor. There are usually at least a couple that are funny. I can not specifically remember any of late. I am not sure if I will even bother watching the game this year. I have no rooting interest.

  2. I have about as much respect for pro football as I do for pro wrestling, so I will not be watching the Superbowl. Ever.

    So. Comment complete. Now where is this ‘love’ you promised?

  3. I love the Super Bowl, but only because of the bonfire, and outdoor screening I’m promised. I do agree that the commercials used to be great, and now nothing seems to feed my funny bone.

  4. I live in Calgary Canada, it is winter. There will be snow, but overnight the temperature rose by 12 degrees centigrade (equal to about 21 degrees farenheit). It’s still below freezing but not for long. We are rather fond of our “Chinooks”.
    I am aware that there is such a thing called Super Bowl and that the commercials get more attention than the game.
    My heritage is Dutch, we are familiar with chocolate for breakfast, it is pretty much a given. You just reminded me, yesterday was garbage/recycling day and I have to bring the bins back in from the alley. Our city knows we are too intransigent in our ways to sort the recycling so we get to dump everything into a single large blue bin.

    • I adore Calgary (and all of Canada for that matter!) It has been a long time since I traveled to Calgary and Edmonton, but I hope to be back again someday soon! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. I don’t watch the super bowl much. If there are people around and are in to it I will watch. I think its been about 3 years since I watched it. I only have one team and we suck. But I am a true Minnesotan and I will always root for the Vikings and I know before I die they will make it to the Superbowl. Will they win? Probable not but I will still be there!!
    I do not recycle much. I burn wood so when the stove is hot I burn my plastic and shit.
    In the summer we camp all summer and there I recycle. Shit I’ve been called the river patrol bitch more than once. Our site is on the river and close to the end where the tubers get off. I am always yelling at people to grab the shit that is floating right by them. So fucken what if its not your, Pick it up.
    I love beer out of a bottle but I am so glad they do not allow glass on the river any more. There are some really stupid people that need to be taken out back and have their asses handed to them, but we are not allowed to do that any more so we get to deal with more stupid people. And that’s all I will say about that or I will go on forever….
    You are right about letting our kids win. It’s a must, I will tell you that my youngest who is now 11, when she was 9 ish she would throw a fit if she lost, I do not know if I let her win one to many times or if it was just the age, but for a while she was no fun to play anything with. I do know that her dad always let her win. He pretty much kisses her ass, which is fine, but when she comes back home we had to go throw the “adjustment”. We do not have to go through the “adjustment” any more Thank God!! I know part of that is I stood my ground with her, and another part is this is the way it is. I do have to say that her dad and I are deficient to one another(I myself would be fine if I never talked to him again). But she does not need to know that. We also sit by one another at her school stuff, and support her.
    Holy shit I have left a long ass message!! Good Night

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