Comes the blind fury.

“I have walked out in rain and back in rain” –Frost

Another day, another terrible situation for the East Coast.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone there.  I have friends who are just now getting back to normal after the Hurricane.  I’m sure we all know people affected.  Let’s reach out to them, give them our support and love and hope for the best.

I do hope the last 12 months have taught the major cities on the East Coast about emergency response and preparing for major events like Hurricanes and Blizzards.  The East Coast is the population mecca of America.  These storms are catastrophic because they affect so many millions of people in such a small area–not to mention the business sector which plays such a vital role in how this country runs from day to day.

We have a tendency to over-emphasize the dramatic on the news and focus less on getting information out there to the public.  (Evacuation routes, what to do when power goes out, etc.)  We need to less naming-of-storms and standing out in 90 mph winds with our rain slicker and microphone and focus more on the human element of these disasters.

These storms are getting worse and they aren’t going away.  We need to unite, work together and rebuild.  To all of you on the East Coast–get ready, hunker in and hold your loved ones tight.  We are thinking of you and praying this passes quickly and that the response is swift and effective.

Be Well.


3 thoughts on “Comes the blind fury.

  1. I felt particularly fortunate to be travelling at the opposite side of the continent this weekend, and yet even here the impact was felt as the ripple effect of cancellations and delays spreads far beyond the eastern side of the country.

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