The Things We Learn From Spirits



I was walking along a path at my favorite park, thinking about everything I needed to accomplish for the day.  This, that, another this, another that…it never ends.  During this brief respite I’ve experienced, I’ve had days where I feel so relaxed and others where I just feel like I am giving it away.  Time, that is.

As I am walking along, my “spidey-sense”, kicks in full gear and I hear this in my head–”You must look forward, never down, but forward.  You cannot see life from the vantage point of your shoes.  Look forward, select a specific view and conquer it.  When you conquer that view, move on to the next and do the same.”

There was more. 

“You always look at the entire panorama.  You can’t do that and expect to complete anything to your satisfaction.  Men try to conquer the panorama of life, but they always fail.  Look forward, pick a specific view and conquer it.  Then, move on.”

You can’t make up perfect advice like that.  Essentially I was being told to have tunnel vision when it comes to the list of things I want to accomplish.  Pick something, do it, then move on to the next.  My experience with spirits is that they tend to speak metaphorically and this message today did not disappoint.  Look forward so you can actually SEE life instead of the ground where nothing happens.  Look out–pick a spot and study it, then conquer it. 

In this particular message, I love the use of the word “conquer”.  It indicates to me that spirit coaches such as mine know a little something about regret and lists that never got done before their time on earth ended.  Don’t complete something–conquer it.  Examine all aspects of it, finish the project and learn from it.  Evolve.  I love that sentiment.

I think often in life we get too bogged down with trivial, meaningless things that pile up in our head until we are set to explode.  This is partly due to life today and the fast-paced road race it has become.  Sometimes we don’t take time to get outside, go for a walk and “listen to the trees”, or in this case, my dear friend John Morris.  John died before Teddy Roosevelt became President, so of course he is not “hip” to the way we live today…

Or is he?  Metaphor aside, I think he nailed it right on the head.  So tonight, let’s all take a deep breath, let it out and resolve to pick something off our list of things we simply have to do and conquer it.  I have a strong sense that you’ll be glad you did.