The Things We Learn From Spirits



I was walking along a path at my favorite park, thinking about everything I needed to accomplish for the day.  This, that, another this, another that…it never ends.  During this brief respite I’ve experienced, I’ve had days where I feel so relaxed and others where I just feel like I am giving it away.  Time, that is.

As I am walking along, my “spidey-sense”, kicks in full gear and I hear this in my head–”You must look forward, never down, but forward.  You cannot see life from the vantage point of your shoes.  Look forward, select a specific view and conquer it.  When you conquer that view, move on to the next and do the same.”

There was more. 

“You always look at the entire panorama.  You can’t do that and expect to complete anything to your satisfaction.  Men try to conquer the panorama of life, but they always fail.  Look forward, pick a specific view and conquer it.  Then, move on.”

You can’t make up perfect advice like that.  Essentially I was being told to have tunnel vision when it comes to the list of things I want to accomplish.  Pick something, do it, then move on to the next.  My experience with spirits is that they tend to speak metaphorically and this message today did not disappoint.  Look forward so you can actually SEE life instead of the ground where nothing happens.  Look out–pick a spot and study it, then conquer it. 

In this particular message, I love the use of the word “conquer”.  It indicates to me that spirit coaches such as mine know a little something about regret and lists that never got done before their time on earth ended.  Don’t complete something–conquer it.  Examine all aspects of it, finish the project and learn from it.  Evolve.  I love that sentiment.

I think often in life we get too bogged down with trivial, meaningless things that pile up in our head until we are set to explode.  This is partly due to life today and the fast-paced road race it has become.  Sometimes we don’t take time to get outside, go for a walk and “listen to the trees”, or in this case, my dear friend John Morris.  John died before Teddy Roosevelt became President, so of course he is not “hip” to the way we live today…

Or is he?  Metaphor aside, I think he nailed it right on the head.  So tonight, let’s all take a deep breath, let it out and resolve to pick something off our list of things we simply have to do and conquer it.  I have a strong sense that you’ll be glad you did.




The 300-kiloton reminder that life is precious.

A lot of people in Russia woke up this morning, ready to start their day.  I bet none of them thought they would be injured by a meteor.  So often we focus on the dangers of Earth–wars, famine, disease, crime…but we forget that there is something much larger out there–beyond our comprehension.  At the end of the day, we are at the mercy of so many things.  If it doesn’t make you wonder, then nothing ever will.

After I read about the meteor strike, I began to think about all the stupid things that bother me.  The list grew and grew.  I still came back to one thing.  Today, a meteor hit the Earth’s surface.  In an unrelated incident, a huge asteroid came close to hitting our planet.  My point is, we have no control at all over anything when it comes down to it.  We are simple specks in what otherwise is a huge universe that has control of everything.

So….relax.  Today was a great reminder that no matter how bad things are–it’s a waste of time to be angry, upset and disappointed.  You have this short time to enjoy life and make something memorable.  Take some time today to think about that.  If a 300-kiloton meteor isn’t enough to wake you up a little….

Love one another and be well! 

If Thomas Jefferson had liquid paper.

Liquid Paper is one of the greatest things ever invented. We use it to correct mistakes that we have written or typed. They even have colored liquid paper in case you are using colored paper…fascinating. So many times I have looked at my bottle of liquid paper and just said “thank you”. Not out loud, that would be insane, but I have thought it to myself.

Thomas Jefferson didn’t have liquid paper when he was writing the Declaration of Independence. Imagine the pressure–you are writing a document to the most powerful country in the world telling them to fuck off and if you make a mistake, you have to start over. You are alone in a dark room lit with a candle and as you write with your quill on the parchment words that will be forever remembered, you can’t make a mistake. I suppose it required him to think through every thought, every word in the most precise of manner. In the end, Thomas Jefferson was perfect.

What if life had liquid paper? A correction fluid that you could use to correct mistakes that you have made, or terrible things you have said and done. You could pull out the bottle of Life’s Liquid Paper and cover it up, go back, and begin again. Wouldn’t that be great? No one would be hurt, and if they were it wouldn’t last long because Life’s Liquid Paper would cover it up and let you re-do it.The truth is, when we use regular liquid paper WE know we made a mistake. WE know what we wrote under the cover up of dried liquid goo. It may not appear to the reader of your document, but you know what the mistake was.

I wonder what the Declaration of Independence would look like today if TJ had Liquid Paper at his disposal…Would he have thought twice about saying “When in the course of human events…”? Would we see correction after correction? Would the document be half as good? I don’t think so. Jefferson was forced to think long and hard about every move, every stroke. Liquid Paper would have hindered his masterpiece.

Life’s Liquid Paper would cover up mistakes, but you still would know they were there. The question is, would you take measures to correct the mistakes, or would you cover them up and hope those who view your life will settle for the change and never hold you accountable? We have Life’s Liquid Paper, but many times we don’t know it. We have phrases like “Just Kidding” or “Don’t get mad but…” or “No offense”. And we have the greatest cover of them all, “I’m sorry.” Apologies do make us feel better and they are required and the right thing to do when you do something bad or wrong. I am not suggesting saying “sorry” isn’t enough. It is though in a sense Life’s Liquid Paper. You can cover your mistakes with the phrase, but you still know deep down what you said or did. What will you do with that knowledge? Will you accept the cover up, or will you think longer and harder before you do and say something?

Our lives are like a Declaration of Independence. We write a part of our document each day and just like Jefferson, we have no idea the effect it will have on the world around us. Jefferson didn’t have liquid paper, and neither do we when it comes to living. If we took the same care in our own lives that he did when writing his masterpiece, Life’s Liquid Paper would never be necessary. I feel each mistake I make and I take steps to correct them when needed. As I continue to write the great document of my life each day, I begin to look ahead to the sentences I want included. I do not know how they will turn out, but I guarantee one thing–as I hold the quill to the parchment, I will give every thought, every word the greatest of care.

Just like Jefferson did.

A $6.00 lesson.

My daughter and I have a bi-weekly tradition of skating which is quickly providing me with an enormous amount of aches and pains.  I overlook them, because…well…I am getting a chance to skate with my kid and you can’t replace memories like that.  Still, I hurt.  Today, I took a tumble for the ages, landing on my wrist and elbow.  I’m not going to get into details or even complain but let’s just say, it hurts to type.  I simply must blog though.  I am devoted, if anything. 

When you are 21 and fall to the ice, you get back up and keep skating.  When you are 41 and fall on your wrist and elbow, the following things go through your head.

1. What the hell am I doing on ice skates at age 41?

2. Why does it feel like a truck just ran over my arm?

3. If I tell my seven year-old we have to stop skating, will she cry?

4. Do I smell pizza and beer?  That would be awesome right about now.

After skating, we went out for frozen yogurt at a place called Koala Berry.  Maybe you have a Koala Berry where you live, or a place similar.  You choose from 15 or so amazing flavors, then dump about 100 ounces of toppings at .45 cents an ounce on top of it, then eat like you’ve never had a sundae before.  I went for the birthday cake flavor with hot fudge and peanuts and crushed kit kat’s.  A simple, yet delicate blend of sugar, sugar and sugar.  Yum.

My daughter picked a flavor called root beer float.  She added a variety of candy, hot fudge, marshmallows and Sour Patch Kids.  Gummy bears with a sour kick from hell.  I first had Sour Patch Kids while on a movie date in high school.  They were so incredible, I quickly ate two bags and forgot who I was out with.  On ice cream though?  I asked my daughter if she was certain she wanted to add them to her already (rather disgusting) ice cream.  She nodded in the affirmative.  I swear I saw one of the sour patch kids cringe as she sprinkled them on top.

We let our kids top their sundaes because they need to learn about failure on their own.  We need to let them do it, because without the experience of Sour Patch Kids, Root Beer Float and Hot Fudge (and marshmallows and kit kats and M and M’s), they can’t learn for themselves that some things look better than they taste. 

After three bites of her $6.00 sundae, my daughter was done.  Chalk it up to experience, I guess.  Maybe I’m a sucker for her deep blue eyes.  Maybe I just can’t tell her no.  One thing we both realized today–a Root Beer Float flavored frozen yogurt with the toppings mentioned above is something you try once in your life and then never again.  Like sticking your finger in a light socket or zipping up a little too fast, all it takes is one time to realize you never need to do that again to be happy!

Sadly, I did notice a gummy worm and crushed candy cane compartment close to the Sour Patch Kids.  With 14 other flavors of frozen yogurt left to try plus a ton of other toppings, something tells me we are in for a great deal of $6.00 lessons in the near future.

This is why we parent.  🙂

It’s What Big Sisters Do.


Your little brother was too scared to walk the wall by himself yesterday.

You grabbed his hand and away you both went.

At the moment of this picture, he was giggling loudly.

You yelled, “This is what big sisters do.”

It was as if God took the picture, at this precise moment, for me.

I don’t know where either of you will be 20 years from now.

Or if I will be around.

I hope you both look at this picture every day for the rest of your lives.

And never forget.  Because I never will.  Ever.

I’ve had a Ricola. I didn’t Yodel or sing. I just kept coughing.

Good evening my friends.  Two of my greatest pet peeves occurred today, and while I am all about keeping it positive, I would like to share them with you.

1.) Someone said: “I can’t believe it’s already the middle of January.”  Ok, first of all, shut up.  Time is time.  It never changes.  A minute today is the same as it was back in the roaring 20’s.  The only difference is, we are allowed to drink alcohol which makes life a real gas.  Look–just live life.  A month is not a long time.  In fact, it’s a blip on the radar.  The only thing that kept me from hitting this person is she was really good-looking.  Well, that and I am not in the mood to go to jail today. 

2.) A chain-smoker came in reeking of Marlboro Red’s and Febreze.  Two of the worst scents ever.  And folks, I mean ever.  Febreze is foul.  I love it when smokers think it’s an improvement to spray Febreze over their Member’s Only jacket.  Gag me with a spoon.  (yes, I actually said that!)

Despite the rush to end the first month of the new year and smelling something that would make the ass of a hippo an improvement, I did keep to my senses and take a step back to remember this: I am grateful for my life, my family and wonderful friends.  Peeves come and go, but keeping my focus on what is truly important is all that matters.  Balance and harmony.  That combo, I believe, is the secret to life.  Well, that and a good Ricola.


What aliens with advanced intelligence think of Uncle Si.

Somewhere out there, in a galaxy far, far away is a planet with aliens far more advanced than we could ever hope to be.  I am talking aliens so intelligent that they don’t need ingredient labels on food.  They can just put something in their mouth and tell you the exact chemical composition.  For example, let’s say they eat some Spam.  These aliens are so smart, they can tell you the ingredients with one taste.  Shit, plastic, Red Dye No.5 and bologna.  That’s what’s out there folks–intelligent life that is watching our every move with these huge satellites, wondering what the hell we are thinking on a daily basis.

I can picture them saying, “How can these earthlings watch television programs starring JWOWW and Snooki?  What is so enamoring about the Kardashians?  How many seasons of survivor can they possibly watch?  Is there anything more stupid than The Bachelor?”  (Yes, actually, The Bachelorette.)

You get the point.  Despite their disdain, super intelligent aliens watching over Earth cannot deny that the greatest character on television today is good ol’ Uncle Si.  In a Universe full of Jersey Shore idiots and Kardashian children born out of wedlock, Uncle Si, from Duck Dynasty is a guy who gets it and most certainly has won the respect of people all over the Milky Way.

Who wouldn’t like a plastic-cup-toting, sweet tea drinking Vietnam vet who eats squirrel and   takes multiple naps every day?  A guy with a big bushy beard that waxes philosophical for the masses?  Uncle Si keeps us at ease.  He shows us that there is a better way to do things.  Keep it simple and work hard–then nap hard.  He is today’s version of Perry Como, singing sweet songs in front of the fire.

The daily events on planet Earth, I am sure are comical for aliens to watch.  The Fiscal Cliff, humans destroying the planet with greenhouse gases and any show on MTv–(particularly Teen Mom) are just a few examples of our degenerate society.  Isn’t it refreshing to know, in a world filled with terror and uncertainty there is a man who can take us to the promised land?  

Get ready Uncle Si–when the aliens finally do come, you will be their first choice to board the spaceship. Image