What Marriage should be.

I wonder often….which is worse….gay marriage or heterosexual marriage between people who have no business being married in the first place? How many “straight” people get married for the wrong reasons? I fell into that category. If marriage is truly an “institution”, then let’s take the word “gay” and “straight” out of the equation and call it marriage. We should celebrate love for what it is. True love is so hard to find in our current society. When it’s there, it should be celebrated. Survivor benefits are a cop out. Let love be love and leave it at that.

PS: What is more embarrassing for a child? Introducing his parents (dad and dad or mom and mom), or having to say, “this is my real dad and this is my step dad and this is my mom’s current boyfriend.” Stability vs. Instability. Once again, the Heteros have done a super-duper job in that category as well. (Sarcasm). Let people who believe in marriage get married. (I’m still not changing my picture to the = sign).

PPS: It amazes me to no end that we live in a country where heterosexuals get divorced at a 50%+ clip, yet a great many feel homosexual couples shouldn’t have the right to marry. Maybe it should be the other way around? (I’m half kidding about my last sentence.) Let people who love each other get married. They can’t do worse than straight people.


What toilet paper said to the donkey. (And Valentine’s Day)

Today is January 16th. Yes, that means January is half over.  If you are one of those people who has said. “I can’t believe January is already half over”, you are annoying.  Look, it’s been two weeks.  Enjoy the year and stop paying so much attention to the calendar.  With that, I give you today’s blog.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means 2 things.  1.) I do not have to purchase an expensive gift this year (again), for a significant other.  And 2.) Easter decorations will be out the next day at all Walgreens, Rite Aid’s and Hobby Lobby stores.  Cynicism aside, there is one very cool thing that I am looking forward to this Valentine’s Day.  My 2.5 year-old will be filling out his Toy Story Valentines for all the people he loves.  It’s a wonderful time in a kid’s life.  They are so filled with love and joy and all they want to do is show that by sending you a tiny Buzz Lightyear card that says, “I Lov You Dad, Lov, Brhaagdjdwkdy.”  It is perhaps the most precious Valentine’s card a father can receive.  I went through this with my daughter a few years ago.  She gave me a card that said, “To PTP, frum Pa.”  I still have it and always will.  These are the moments in life that a father just loves. I can’t wait to sit down with my son and help him fill out his first Valentine’s Day card to his sister.  This is indeed what life is all about.

This year, I think I am going to go out and get a box of Valentines for all the people in my life that I love.  I am going to write a special note on each one and let them know how much I love them.  Regardless of what I have put them through, at the end of the day it all about letting those special people in our lives know just how important they are.  Let this be the season of love and joy, I say!

It reminds me of what toilet paper said to the donkey.  “You are an ass and I have been putting up with your shit since the beginning of time…but I still love you.”

The most important gift we can give the people we love is a reminder of how important they are to us.  And no matter how many days pass on the 2013 calendar, that sentiment will never change.  Amen.